Who is Emma? 
What is She? 
That Glover So Commends Her




Is Emma you?  Your wife?  Your husband?  Your mistress?  Your significant other?  Your coworker?  Your partner?  Your boss?  Your taxi driver?  Your neighbor?  Your mailperson?  Are you Emma?  Who is Emma?

The mystery -- Who is Emma?

She is the object of the

    persevering and perseverant, 
dedication the writer has to an unseen, unyielding and [most importantly] unattainable pursuit—a life circumstance more than one of us has found him or herself in, and some of us with some regularity. Don't excuse yourself saying you're not part of that group. Yeah, sure you're not!

Isn't it you? Is that maybe you? Are you really in the group? Who is Emma? Who is your Emma? Why does the author lust so? Are you in part an author?--maybe the author?--are you the author who didn't have the courage or the sensibility to actually write this book?

Robert Glover, Jr. must certainly be a victim of RBS. Runaway Bunny Syndrome can claim the psyche of both the loved and the loving and Glover exhibits the worst of all the worst symptoms.

Glover's own lovefest—comments from his readers.  Who loves more? Glover or his readers? CLICK HERE  to find out...

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